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Thursday, February 02, 2012

New Girl: Jess & Julia

Zooey scolds Lizzy Caplan for threatening to completely usurup her on her own show.
It would appear the writers of "New Girl" are paying attention to those who moan about Zooey Deschanel's massive mercurialness for here is Lizzy Caplan as Julia, Nick's (Jake Johnson) lawyer girlfriend, who does not take a liking to Zooey's Jess, moaning, amongst other things, about her......massive mercurialness. Hmmmmmmmm. So Jess stands up for herself and explains that, for the love of God, she spends all day in the company of elementary school kids and so of course she talks like an adorkably mercurial twee-ster (?).

Is it a problem when it's clear a show is addressing its critics? Maybe, maybe not, what is a problem is when Lizzy Caplan turns up and threatens to yank the Star Rug right out from under the star's feet and take it for herself. Which, of course, is why before the season ends Nick will declare in heartfelt tones that he really likes and respects Julia but alas, his heart belongs to another (read: Jess) and so Julia will sulk off into the twilight. And that will be ridiculous because I can speak for all Nicks with 6 letter last names when I say we much prefer Lizzys to Zooeys. (Speaking of which, Lizzy never would have bonded with Zooey over crochet! Crochet?! Would Janis Joplin have sat down for high tea?! What the hell kind of falsifying of character was that, Elizabeth Meriweather?! You have her fighting BACK against all the mercurialness the whole episode only to have her cave in at the end?!)

In fact, do you think the season finale could detail it turning out that Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is actually a fugitive from Lexington, Kentucky on the lam and so in the final 5 minutes Timothy Olyphant turns up as Marshal Raylan Givens (I should note Olyphant's FX show "Justified" and NBC's "Parks and Recreation" are the only two TV shows I make any point to watch and while, yes, I also make a point to watch "New Girl" in that regard I consider myself more like an unpaid beat writer for the New Jersey Nets) and shoots everyone dead except Lizzy Caplan who, in another twist, is actually an undercover U.S. Marshal?

In fact, do you think that could happen next episode?

Please, Raylan, save the day and end our misery.


Derek Armstrong said...

I don't watch this show, but I decided to finally read one of your posts about it.

It was worth it.

Derek Armstrong said...

"Unpaid beat reporter for the New Jersey Nets."


Nick Prigge said...

Well, I'm glad someone's enjoying my idiotically self-made suffering.

I really do feel like a beat writer for the Nets, and Lizzy Caplan is totally Deron Williams. A talented free agent who likely regrets her decision.