' ' Cinema Romantico: Oscar Best Score/Song Re-Imagined Pt. 1

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oscar Best Score/Song Re-Imagined Pt. 1

All my traditional festive Oscar week posts will be up over on Anomalous Material this year and so Cinema Romantico will focus on re-imagining the Oscar category of Best Score/Song as if it was one combined category and I and I alone was judge and jury in regards to the five nominees. And so on a daily basis this week I will treat you to one of the "nominees", the fifth and final entry doubling as the "winner".

Enjoy! I hope.

I love this theme for "Beginners" because it's melancholy and hopeful at once and can be just a bit more of one or the other depending on the context and your mood, which, in a way, is how the whole film - this wonderful, wonderful film - feels.


Andrew K. said...

So much about this film is good (and ignored). The music is just so melancholy yet sweet, and in touch with its film.

Anonymous said...

I loved the theme song to Beginners! Thanks for including this - it would definitely make my list if I were in charge of the category. Very cool idea, Nick!