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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catwoman Wears Heels So Ya Best Step Off

Yesterday a bit of promo art hit the interwebs showing off the beguiling Anne Hathaway in her Catwoman suit for Christopher Nolan’s forthcoming Batman flick “The Dark Knight Rises.” And within 19 seconds of it dropping I could already hear the hatas hatin’ from here to the Australian outback.

Hata: “But she’s wearing heels! This is so freaking typical! You can’t run in heels! This is like Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl in heels! I thought Nolan was supposed to be all about making ‘Batman’ real?! A neo-realistic Gotham, if you will! This is a disgrace! A disgrace, I say! Heels! HEELS???!!! That's it. I already hate this movie.”

Oh yeah? OH YEAH?! It’s called Stiletto Racing, bitches. It exists. That’s right. It does. To quote Britney McGlone: “Running in stilettos is as easy as sprinting. You just need to get up on your toes and don’t let your heels touch the floor.”

And this little Hata cried “Waa! Waa! Waa!” all the way home.

If these ladies can run in heels, then can't we assume Catwoman can run in heels?


Andrew K. said...

Well, you just showed me.


Nick Prigge said...

I didn't mean for this to come across so snarky......well, actually I did. You can only fight snark with snark.

I just want to ensure everyone understands that if "The Dark Knight Rises" is mediocre it has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANNE HATHAWAY'S FOOTWEAR.

Thank you for your time.

Andrew K. said...

Haha. My comment was meant ironically, though, because (well, you know me - I'm not particularly a rabid Nolanite, or Nolan critic) the news of this sort of went by me. The fact that people are up in arms about it is....well, it's weird. But, I suppose not shocking.

Also, snark is approved my me.

Daryl said...

A female character in a "realistic" superhero movie has been given a ridiculous and completely functionless costume? The hell you say.