' ' Cinema Romantico: "Don't eat that. It's Pluto."

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Don't eat that. It's Pluto."

This is what Vincent says to his older brother in "Gattaca" when Vincent is laying out the planetary system in a parking lot with various stand-ins for the planet themselves, such as an apple for Pluto which his younger brother snatches and tries to eat.

This is to say in "The Not Too Distant Future", which is where "Gattaca" is set, Pluto has apparently retained official planetary status.

Suck it, IAU.


Andrew K. said...

This is sooooooo random.

I approve.

(That image is also quite lovely.)

Nick Prigge said...

So I sat down to watch "Gattaca" again - finally! - after that whole 1997 thing last week and for whatever reason this whole Pluto thing is what most struck me. I guess I'm just still bitter about Pluto being re-classified.

(And I love that image, too! I'd never seen it before.)

RoosterD93 said...

*"This is what Vincent says to his YOUNGER brother in "Gattaca"..."

Nick Prigge said...

*Doffs hat. Makes update. Humbly requests forgiveness.*