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Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Is 40: Trailer

To self-indulgently quote myself, in my original "Knocked Up" review way, way back when I wrote (amongst other things): "Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl are our leads but for my money the counterpoint couple of Pete and Debbie played by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are the movie's highlight. In fact, I'll take it a step further. I say this without fear of reprisal. Leslie Mann deserves an Oscar nomination."

This is why I FREAKED OUT when I realized "Knocked Up" writer/director (and husband to Ms. Mann) had decided to revisit the characters of Pete and Debbie in "This Is 40" (scheduled for release this Christmas).

And whether or not you think the trailer looks good, and I think it does, just bear in mind Leslie Mann swore, like, every sixth word in "Knocked Up." I'm pretty sure a lot of the best stuff isn't in this two minutes.



Candice Frederick said...

yeah i hope you'e right. this trailer looks incredibly dull to me. and i do agree that leslie mann and paul rudd were hilarious in knocked up

Nick Prigge said...

The trailer does have way too much of that Bucket List-y feel. Even so, I have faith (maybe blind faith) that there is more there, that Apatow isn't showing his full hand in the trailer. I really, really hope so because I loved those characters in the first one.

Castor said...

I think the trailer is really generic and unexciting but I know better than to think this is all there is to this movie, given Apatow's involvement. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Nick Prigge said...

I probably SHOULD be cautiously optimistic, but I'm letting my optimism get the best of me on this one.