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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Lammys: For Your Consideration

I have been a member of the LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs) since the earliest days of 2010 and yet each year when the Lammys – our colossal gang’s version of the Academy Awards – rolled around I pretty much kept out of its way (though I always make sure to vote). I’d like to claim this is because I’m the George C. Scott of the blogosphere but really it’s because even on the faceless internet I’m an introvert who goes out of his way to avoid networking.

But in the wake of a number of blogging confessionals by a few of my most spectacular peers, I got to thinking. And analyzing. And I realized that since the time the infinitely awesome Castor asked me to join his Anomalous Material one year ago which occurred at the same time I hit my 1000th post, I have – between AM and Cinema Romantico – made over 400 posts in one year.

That's, like, insane. Shouldn’t I be burned out? I should probably be burned out. But I’m not burned out. I’m not even close. Heck, I’ve authored a number of posts I haven’t and probably won’t publish if only because you all don’t want to read another 17 times how brilliant I think “The Descendants” is. (Wait, didn’t I just publish another “Descendants” post yesterday? Whoops.) And I don't mean to toot my own horn (read: I mean to toot my own horn) but I do my absolute damndest to refrain from any bargain basement posts. That’s my vow to you and myself. I strive hardcore to avoid filler and blogging fast food. If I don't think it's inspired, I won’t put it up. Cinema Romantico don't slough, yo.

Therefore I’m throwing my hat into the ring for one Lammy and one Lammy only – Most Prolific.

So vote for me.

Because I write a lot of posts.

Or don’t vote for me.

Who cares?!

Don’t vote at all!!!

Okay. That’s harsh. I apologize. I was just quoting Tammy Metzler in “Election.” Which I’ve always wanted to do. And this is probably my only chance.

So yeah, vote for me. Or don’t. Either/or. But if you don’t, I’ll probably be so depressed I’ll have to write 730 posts next year. At which point my entire body will get carpal tunnel syndrome.

Or I’ll publish all those extra “Descendants” posts you don’t want to read.

Wait, did I just threaten you?

Is this the worst For Your Consideration ad in history? Probably.

What was I talking about? I can’t remember. I have to go write some more posts. Most likely about "The Descendants."

 ---Check out the whole Lammy event here, peruse the many, many other fine blogs in our community and nominate away to your heart's content.


Anonymous said...

That's an awful threat! I have nominated you, though for another category. And no, there's no way I'll reveal which one. I'm immune to threats and blackmailing. :)

Nick Prigge said...

My threats and blackmailing are pretty subpar anyway. I feel guilty about it and so I do a really bad job and nothing ever happens. Sigh.

But seriously, thank you for the nomination! A thousand times, thank you! In whatever category it may be!

I suspect you will have a number of nominations headed your way, and not just by me. You will be deserving of all of them.

Andrew K. said...

You're so stranger and this "consideration" post is stranger. I'm still (obviously) voting for you nonetheless.

Nick Prigge said...

I didn't mean it for it to be this strange. I really didn't. But then I got halfway through it and just had to throw a wrench in the spokes. I can't help myself.

But thank you for your vote! You have a few votes headed your way, my friend.

Sam Fragoso said...


I voted for you. But not most prolific haha.

Nick Prigge said...

It's just so classic me. I actually campaign for once but I don't campaign for the category for which people apparently voted for me. Alas. I guess I didn't realize just how prolific people are in our community. Our esteemed colleague Andy Buckle took me to school.

But my many thanks for the vote, Sam! My many, many thanks! And as I keep saying to others, Duke & The Movies will have a few votes itself.

Anonymous said...

Ahah, I have the same reaction as Sam. I voted for you in another category! Ah well, it still counts that I think your blog is awesome right? :D Btw that pic had me in stitches, to think that there's a man from Buenos Aires named Casper Van Dien, mwahahha...