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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The "Famous" Raiders of the Lost Ark

Last week I read an interview with famed producer Frank Marshall over at Grantland.com and what most caught my eye was a parenthetical reference in which author Bryan Curtis, while discussing Marshall’s production work on "Raiders of the Lost Ark", offered this bit of trivia: “Marshall can be seen as the Nazi pilot in the famous Flying Wing fight sequence.”

The “famous Flying Wing fight sequence.” Isn’t this phrase a tad redundant? Did he really need to throw the “famous” on there?

Allow me to summarize "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

It opens with the famous Mountain Dissolve shot.

This gives way to the famous Rolling Ball sequence.

This leads into the famous Airplane Flight Map sequence.

This is followed directly by the famous Shot Contest sequence.

This starts us on the path to the famous Which Basket? Sequence.

This is the preamble for the famous Indy Shoots The Big Dude With The Sword sequence.

This is just a bit before the famous “Bad Dates” sequence.

This is crucial set-up for the famous Map Room sequence.

This is even more crucial set-up for the famous “Snakes – why’d it have to be snakes?” sequence.

This zips us along to the (aforementioned) famous Flying Wing sequence.

This preludes (the most) famous (of all) Truck sequence.

This is superseded by the famous U Boat sequence.

This is succeeded by the famous Melting Faces sequence.

And, of course, it's all wrapped up by the famous Warehouse sequence.

"Raiders of the Lost Ark": it's a fairly famous movie.

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