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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why Emily Blunt Has The Best Muppets Cameo

Do you know why Emily Blunt rocked in “The Muppets”? She didn’t rock in “The Muppets” just because she was a sassy Brit (though, rest assured, that helped). I’ll tell you why she rocked in “The Muppets.”

She rocked in “The Muppets” because as Miss Piggy’s Parisian Vogue office receptionist she initially and forcefully and, of course, sassily rejects The Muppets attempts to get into see Miss Piggy. But then when The Muppets excuse themselves and return cleverly – which is to say, not at all cleverly – as “Muppet Man” – all the Muppets stacked up on top of one another and disguised by a lone, elongated trench coat – she is clearly, highly suspicious and yet she allows this mysterious “Muppet Man” into see her boss anyway.

That’s the best part. She knows – she KNOWS – that this odd seven foot tall swaying person who shares the face of a face of a Muppet that was JUST in her office isn’t QUITE right but she also can’t QUITE put her finger on what isn’t QUITE right about it.

I can’t properly convey how or why (even though I just tried) I find this so hilarious, but I do. I think it's side-splitting.

In fact, every time, for the rest of my life, when I watch "The Muppets" I will be actively rooting for Emily Blunt to realize that Muppet Man is/are the very people she was trying to keep out of Miss Piggy's office. And I will be vexed when she fails to figure out their ruse yet again.



Lasso The Movies said...

Emily Blunt obviously has no power over herself because of the sheer magnetism the the Muppets hold over us all. It happens to me all the time.

Nick Prigge said...


Andrew K. said...

Even as someone who doesn't care for the film (cue gasp, etcetera) this amuses me greatly.

Why, Emily, why do you not get it? Can't fault the film for its excellent guestage work.

Nick Prigge said...

Always so happy whenever someone is amused by these random little things that amuse me, too.

Andy Buckle said...

I remember having a laugh when you posted on Facebook something about being very attracted to Emily Blunt's character in The Muppets. I was thinking the exact same thing. Must be the hair. Well, she is usually always stunning.

Nick Prigge said...

Oh yes. I had a fairly severe crush on Emily Blunt in this film. It was a mixture of the hair, her sassiness and her Englishness.

In a shameless plug, there's another Emily Blunt review coming next week.