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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Athletes of the English Wild

For the next two weeks I will be an official Olympic obsessive (and not, for the record, simply some jingoistic American, because I will root for any athlete I find compelling or awe-inspiring). Don't worry. I will not be filling Cinema Romantico day in, day out with Olympian-styled rantings. I have stored several cinematic posts for this very situation. Although I do reserve the right to make a list of My Favorite Olympic Moments at the conclusion of these 14 days. (Unless something really catches my fancy between now and then. You never know. My fingers have been known to go off on computer keyboard tangents the rest of my body can't stop.)

In any event, on account of NBC tape delaying many of the events I will be going semi-underground to avoid any internet spoilers. But I wanted to stop in today to answer the question I am often posed, the question that goes: "The Olympics? Why the Olympics? Why are you so obsessed with the Olympics?" My answer: "I am so obsessed with the Olympics because for two straight weeks they make me feel exactly like this......"


Also, have you seen "Beasts of the Southern Wild" yet? Yes? No? If no, hop to it. I don't care if it's not in your city. Get in a car and drive to a city that has it.


Derek Armstrong said...

I didn't comment on my own blog about this, but Beasts is my #1 so far this year. The more distance I get from it, the less sure I am that it will still be up at the top at year's end, but it's bracing filmmaking to be sure.

Nick Prigge said...

The more distance I get from it the more sense it might be like the movie equivalent of band that's best live, if you know what I mean.