' ' Cinema Romantico: Friday's Old Fashioned Flashes Back To The 80's

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday's Old Fashioned Flashes Back To The 80's

Each August as my dreaded birthday approaches I inevitably get nostalgic which inevitably leads to me watching a few films from the 80's, the decade of my youth. But this year I have decided to combine my legendarily "beloved" Flashback to the 80's columns with my highly "anticipated" Friday's Old Fashioned columns.

Thus, beginning tomorrow - with a film you can probably pick out if you stop to consider what is starting tomorrow and where it is starting - and for the rest of August, Friday's Old Fashioned will flash us back to the 80's. I should stress, however, these will not necessarily be 80's movies of the, say, "Sixteen Candles" variety. In fact, a couple of them are not even set in the 80's. But they are OF the 80's and that is good enough for us.

Two of the films - the first and the last - I have seen multiple times and wanted to rewatch and write about but the rest wedged inbetween will be first time viewings, a few movies I have long meant to see.

So, like I always say around this time of year, grab your jean jacket and crank the Cyndi Lauper.


Andrew K. said...

It's your birthday? IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY?!! (I hate my own birthday, but I love other people's - one of my sister's birthday is also in August.)

I'm intrigued at your proposition, looking forward to the eighties!

Nick Prigge said...

Well, my birthday actually isn't until September. The very beginning of September (the third to be exact). But I always get nostalgic in ADVANCE of my birthday. It's like the last 2 weeks of August are the worst and then once my birthday's over, it's gone.