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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cinema Romantico Breaks Down The "Butter" Trailer

The trailer for "Butter", Cinema Romantico's #1 Most Anticipated Movie Of 2012, which was moved from a March release date to October to, of course, increase the Oscar chances of both the film itself and of Alicia Silverstone - The Comeback Kid - for supporting actress, has finally dropped. And, well, uh......

At least it's being subtle with those political overtones.

Wait, it ISN'T being subtle? Are you sure? I'll have to watch it again.

So it pretty much wants to be "Drop Dead Gorgeous"......but for Iowans.


What in the name of Julien Dubuque is with Jennifer Garner's accent? Where is she supposed to be from? Has she even BEEN to Iowa?

OK, it seems Jennifer Garner's character, in more of that subtle political commentary, is being compared to Sarah Palin. Except Sarah Palin is from Alaska. Not small town Iowa. Someone call the butter police.

Because to quote Rob Cordry in the preview: "Really? The Butter Police?" Yes. Really. The Butter Police.

$5 says Olivia Wilde's character is originally from the east side of Des Moines. (That's an inside joke.)

Alicia Silverstone doesn't even get a LINE in that trailer! This is seriously going to dampen buzz on her Oscar campaign.

Not that I'm not still going to see it. I'll still see it. Remember that scene in "Batman Begins" when Joe Chill gets gunned down and Rachel Dawes tries to pull Bruce Wayne away by saying "We don't need to see this" and Bruce replies "I do"? That's me.

Nick's Friend: "Come on, Nick. We don't need to see 'Butter.'"
Nick: "I do."


Andrew K. said...

I do, too, Nick. I do, too.

Candice Frederick said...

ugh. i really want alicia to shine here, but this film looks so dumb based on the trailer. and i like garner too.

Nick Prigge said...

Andrew: It'll be you and I at the theater, softly weeping. And no one else.

Candice: You wonder why they showed next to no Alicia in the trailer. Is she hardly in it? Is she not good? Probably, though, she just doesn't get good lines. That's my guess. I actually like Jennifer Garner, too, but this one...sigh.

Wretched Genius said...

I had to jump back to this post to say that I just finished watching this movie. And yes, you pretty much got the correct gist from the trailer. The movie's tone is all over the place.

Garner's accent is atrocious (apparently she's from Johnson County, which in no way explains why she has a Northern Minnesota/Wisconsin accent), but she does an overall decent job with her role. She's less of a Palin and more of an even-more-unhinged Michelle Bachman.

Silverstone doesn't get much to do. I watched the movie less than an hour ago and I can only remember one scene where she contributed anything.

Olivia Wilde steals every scene. She was a comedic revelation.

Nick Prigge said...

(Sobbing.) Yeah. Pretty much what I figured.

Did you watch it on On Demand? I just noticed a couple days ago it had popped up on my On Demand. I keep telling myself I want to watch in on the "big screen" but I mean, really, it's "Butter." I don't know that this is necessary. And it would be slightly cheaper.

Wretched Genius said...

Yeah, it's streaming on Amazon, so I watched it on my Roku (same way I recently watched Bachelorettes and Side By Side). There didn't appear to be any pressing reason to see it in the theater. Also it wasn't playing in Des Moines anyway.