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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Programming Note

So a week ago I promised - and I'm quoting myself exactly - "I will not be filling Cinema Romantico day in, day out with Olympian-styled rantings. I have stored several cinematic posts for this very situation." Well, I did store several cinematic posts for this situation - including one I'm going to put up today, which isn't really isn't so much a cinematic post as an Olympic post in the guise of cinematic post - but, as happens every four years, I have been so Olympically overwhelmed that I have been dealing with my mega-emotional highs, as I'm wont to do, by writing and writing during the few times when I'm not invested in the dozens of events swirling to and fro before my eyes. So this whole week is going to be dedicated to the Olympics. I apologize to anyone who just comes to Cinema Romantico for the movies. But if you come to Cinema Romantico for the movies I suspect you understand my un-understandable mental state (try explaining to your co-workers you are literally taking a day off so you can watch Bernard Lagat in the 5,000 live and not on tape delay) and you understand why this is happening and so you will forgive me. Please?

We will be back to movies the week after this one and I have movie posts going up over on the awesomeness that you know as Anomalous Material this week and I will be contributing to a special event my friend Andrew of Encore's World Of Film & TV is hosting so very soon Cinema Romantico will be living up to the "Cinema" in its title.

But for this week it will just be living up to the "Romantico." I truly hope you will indulge me (or just not be mad at me). Thank you.

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