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Friday, October 26, 2012

Cinema Romantico's Week Off

Hey, loyal readers! It's that time of year again! Tomorrow I'm off to unwind, relax and recharge on the north shore of Minnesota and Lake Superior and, in turn, partake in a roughly eight day internet sabbatical.

But, of course, Cinema Romantico will not be going dark. Posts will still appear all week long, including a treatise on an 80's "classic" for Halloween, an obligatory Malin Akerman post, a list of my favorite James Bond theme songs, and a couple posts I never published for reasons I don't necessarily know. A Top 5 about a movie character road trip and an epic dissertation on the "nooooooooooo!" in the "Star Wars" Blu ray re-release.

Even if I'm out and about, the fun doesn't stop at Cinema Romantico! So keep stopping by! If you do, I promise that when I get back I'll get on Twitter.


Amir said...

Do I hear twitter? My, I hear twitter.

Daryl said...

I can't wait for when you start live-blogging the terrible movies I make you watch.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you're in Northern MN? Cool!! I actually haven't been up north in over a year! Hope you're enjoying yourself Nick. I look forward to your Bond post and see if our fave Bond theme songs match up :)