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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Scene For Today

Stanley Motts: "Would you vote for that person based on that commercial?"
Fad King: "You know I don't vote."
Stanley Motts: "Why don't you vote?"
Fad King: "The only time I voted was that one time when Major League Baseball started the fan's voting thing and I voted for Boog Powell for first base and he didn't get in and it just disappointed me. It stayed with me. It's futile."
Stanley Motts: "You've never voted for President?"
Fad King: "No. (Pause.) Do you vote?"
Stanley Motts: "No. I always vote for the Academy Awards. But I never win."
Fad King: "Liz, do you vote?"
Liz Butsky: "No. I don't like the rooms. Too claustrophobic. I can't vote in small places."

- Wag the Dog (1997)

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Mr Whirly said...

I stopped voting a few years ago and this is the reason I give. Boog Powell. Nobody ever gets it. Wag the Dog is is in my trinity of political/media films with Broadcast News and The Candidate (yes, I left out Network but only to make the Trinity joke.)