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Monday, December 31, 2012

Random Cinematic Awards 2012

Malin Akerman & another dude are here to present Cinema Romantico's annual Random Cinematic Awards!
As always, here are a few awards to tide you over until the bigger pronouncements still to come! Enjoy! I hope.

Best Line of the Year: Matthew McConaughey in "Bernie." See here.

Best Line of the Year Runner-Up: "If you could keep your caterwauling down to a minimum so I can finish my line of inquiry with young Django." - Christoph Waltz, "Django Unchained"

Best Movie Ringtone of the Year: "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", Kylie Minogue in "Holy Motors."

Best Movie Review Quote of the Year: "The secret of 'The Avengers' is that it is a snappy little dialogue comedy dressed up as something else, that something else being a giant A.T.M. for Marvel and its new studio overlords, the Walt Disney Company." - A.O. Scott, New York Times (contrary to what the jaundiced Samuel L. Jackson says it is soooooooooooooooooooo true)

The Annual Malin Akerman Award, formerly known as The Sienna Miller Award (presented to the movie character of the past year on whom I had the biggest crush): Lizzy Caplan in "Bachelorette."

The Annual Then He Kissed Me In Goodfellas Award (presented for the best use of pop music in a movie this year):  "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre" in "Not Fade Away"

The Annual Best Of My Love In Boogie Nights Award (presented for the second best use of pop music in a movie this year): "Always Alright" by Alabama Shakes in "Silver Linings Playbook"

The Annual "Three Amigos" Award (presented to the most entertaining movie trio of the year): James Spader, John Hawkes & Tim Blake Nelson in "Lincoln." We need these three on Capitol Hill, and we need them there now.

The Annual Lady Gaga Soda Can Curler Hair Award (presented to the best wig in a movie this year): Salma Hayek in "Savages."

The Annual Merv Griffin Is The Elevator Killer Award (presented to the best movie cameo of the year): Cillian Murphy in "The Dark Knight Rises."

The Annual Scarlett O'Hara Curtain Dress Award (presented to the best piece of cinematic clothing of the year): Robert DeNiro's green sport coat in "Silver Linings Playbook."

The Annual Roger Ebert Award (presented to the best movie essay of the year): "A Reason To Love Multiplex Theater Lobbies", Jessica of The Velvet Cafe. If you could not already tell from the name of my blog, I am a hardcore romantic. Particularly (obviously) when it comes to the cinema. And so I always appreciate when others can romanticize the cinematic experience and no one has ever done it better than my esteemed colleague when she cleverly employed the wordage of C.S. Lewis to convey her adoration of movie theater lobbies. Bravo, I say.


Anonymous said...

Why, thank you! You are the sweetest! I had completely forgotten about that post, but I'm glad it struck a chord with you. The honor belongs to C.S. Lewis. That image of the place between the worlds is one that I keep returning to. It's so peaceful and reassuring - and yet adventurous at the same time.

Derek Armstrong said...

You should have a "Favorite Malin Akerman Scene of the Year" award. Even if it was not a great movie, I'd say that the pool table scene in Rock of Ages would have to be pretty high up there for you.

Also, as much as everyone loves that trio from Lincoln, isn't it really James Spader who's doing all the heavy lifting?

Nice post.

Nick Prigge said...

Jessica: You are most welcome! It was entirely deserved. And I think it was quite creative to imagine taking those particular words and linking them up with our beloved theater lobbies.

Vance: THAT is a great idea and I am now sorely disappointed in having overlooked it. And sorely disappointed in still not having seen "Rock of Ages" despite the mentioned scene. This needs to be rectified. Soon.

Andrew K. said...

I haven't decided on which single article of clothing had the greatest impression on me, but the first one that came to mind was Penny's crochet sweater from SEEKING A FRIEND...

Laughing at the Salma Mention because: obviously.

STRONGLY approve of Caplan, who also turns in one of my 20 or so favourite performances of the year, thus far.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a Malin Akerman award in there somewhere :) Sadly I have to say goodbye to my crush this year. I love your creative award categories, too!

Alex Withrow said...

Dude, these are fantastic awards. I really love posts like these.

Lizzy Caplan... she's come a long way, huh? From Mean Girls to now, I mean... wow.