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Monday, January 14, 2013

Cinema Romantico's 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

It’s that time of the year! The time when discussions and lists about movies in 2012 wind down and discussions and lists about movies forthcoming in 2013 emerge. Most of your looking-ahead lists will contain your usual suspects – your “Superman: Man of Steel”, your “Star Trek 2”, your “Iron Man 3”, your “Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, your “Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug” (what the hell does that even mean?). Thus, we here at Cinema Romantico would like to draw your attention to the movies scheduled (hopefully) for release in 2013 that we most want to see.

1. Top Gun 3D (February 8). I have long wondered what it would be like to see Val Kilmer chomp his gun at Tom Cruise in 3D. Now I'll know!

2. Oz: The Great and Powerful (March 8). A prequel of sorts to the landmark 1939 "The Wizard of Oz", Sam Raimi's film chronicles the rise, fall and redemption of The Wizard himself. Franco re-unites with Kunis, finally.

3. The Iceman (May 3). Michael Shannon assumes the role of a real life hit man/family man. But frankly, the above photo is really all you need to see to know you need to see it.

4. Frances Ha (May 17). Noah Baumbach, master writer, reunites with Greta Gerwig, awkwardly luminous. If I can only see one movie this year...

5. White House Down (June 28). Roland Emmerich. A paramilitary group invades the White House (because of course they do). A Secret Service Agent saves the day (because of course he does). Stop looking at me like that, okay? Can't a dude want some empty cinematic calories now and again?

6. Gravity (October 18). Finally!

7. The World's End (October 25.) Synopsis per comingsoon.net: "20 years after attempting an epic pub crawl, five childhood friends reunite when one of them becomes hellbent on trying the drinking marathon again." And......I'm there. (Oh, it's also the latest product of Pegg/Wright/Frost. So you know.)

8. & 9. & 10. Labor Day & Blood Ties & The Bling Ring. The latest efforts of, respectively, Kate Winslet & Billy Crudup & director Sofia Coppola, all three films are scheduled for 2013 but sans official release dates. I want to see all three of them a whole big lot. Crossing fingers.


Anonymous said...

Before Midnight and a new Lukas Moodysson film is probably what I look forward to most, apart from the next parts in the Star Trek and Hobbit franchises.

Wretched Genius said...

I'm anxiously awaiting Upstream Color, the sophomore film from Primer writer/director Shane Carruth.

Also whatever Malick films may show up in 2013. And yes, Iron Man 3, though less because of the franchise and more because it's a Shane Black film.

Lexi said...

Where is Before Midnight!? Where is the love!?

Lexi said...

Also, I might need to see Top Gun again.. just for the hell of it!

Nick Prigge said...

Jessica: The only Moodysson film I have ever seen is Lilya 4 Ever. It was fantastic but I guess I just haven't summoned the emotional fortitude to try another one of his films yet. I should do that, though.

Brad: Did I know Iron Man 3 was a Shane Black film? I honestly can't remember. I was excited to see it anyway but that makes me more excited.

Lexi: Not including Before Midnight was egregious. I confess. I think I overlooked it because it hasn't officially been announced as a 2013 release yet. Also, saying I'm looking forward to Before Midnight is like saying I'm looking forward to the new Springsteen album. We all already know this to be true.

And yes, you should DEFINITELY see Top Gun again. It's Top Gun!

Derek Armstrong said...

But is Gravity really coming out on October 18th? That was the release date I had heard, then Entertainment Weekly did a year ahead issue where the release date was returned to ??? I worry.

In terms of Moodysson, why are you not watching Together right at this very moment?

Nick Prigge said...

Vance, let me just say, I love these days when I suddenly realize you left three comments on three different posts. It makes me happy.

I based these dates off comingsoon.net, so who knows? It could easily have change. But they can't delay it ANOTHER year, can they? (They probably can.)

And yes, I really do need to ante up and watch another Moodysson film.

Derek Armstrong said...

I was going to also comment on the Only You post, but it's been so long since I've seen it that I don't know if I'd have anything useful to say. (Also, I haven't actually read the post yet.) Okay, I have one thing to say ... stay tuned.