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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5 Other Bands Capt. Gene Mauch Could Unwittingly Quote

Michael Keaton is one of the most undervalued comedic actors of our time. I sense this is because Keaton takes so few roles in general which, in turn, means he takes that many less comedic roles. He enjoys his privacy and generally keeps himself out of the limelight and so when he randomly pops up you think: “Oh yeah. Michael Keaton. He’s awesome.”

I had this thought again when I happened to catch a snippet of "The Other Guys" at a pub while indulging in a pint. It happened to be one of the scenes in which Keaton's Gene Mauch, Captain to a pair of unpopular police officers seeking to prove they belong (Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg), unwittingly quotes TLC. At least, it is assumed this is unwittingly. He keeps quoting them throughout ("Cuz I don't want any scrubs") and then when it is pointed it out to him that this is a TLC reference he claims not to know who TLC is.

This, as it must, got me to thinking. What if there were to be an "Other Guys" sequel and Capt. Gene Mauch was called up to unwittingly reference another band? Hmmmmmmm.

5 Other Bands Capt. Gene Mauch Could Unwittingly Quote

En Vogue. “I just can’t pinpoint the one lead that will crack this case!” “Hey! ‘Free your mind and the rest will follow.’”

The Cranberries. “Look, the death of someone close to you is never an easy thing. But ‘do you have to……do you have to let it linger?’”

Real McCoy. “You may not be give me your badge but I’ll ask for it. Right now. ‘Run away. Run away and save your life.’”

Jewel. “I'd rather you guys see the world from a different angle because, really, you two are everyday angels.”

A Tribe Called Quest. “We’re cops and cops have rules! You pull a stunt like that again and ‘I’ll have you left without a job like Isaac from ‘The Love Boat!’”

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Andrew K. said...

+1 for En Vogue. +2 for Jewel. That would be wild.