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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

For Your Consideration: Cinema Romantico Style

You may have heard voting has opened for the Lammys version 2013 (that is, the Oscars of the redoubtable Large Association of Movie Blogs). You may have heard that certain persons found it in the goodness of their hearts to submit Cinema Romantico's name as a potential nominee for Best Blog, Best Movie Reviewer, Best Running Feature (Friday's Old Fashioned) and Funniest Writer. 

I have no doubt Cinema Romantico is not actually the best blog and I'm reasonably certain Cinema Romantico is far from the best Movie Reviewer and it seems pretty likely that Friday's Old Fashioned is not really the Best Running Feature and while I'd like to throw a backdoor brag out there Jenna Maroney-style about being the Funniest Writer, well, seriously, who am I kidding? Even so, I feel the need to submit Cinema Romantico for your consideration. So when you go to the polls to vote just remember...

Cinema Romantico is the only blog where you can regularly find photos of Malin Akerman wearing fetching caps. 


Alex Withrow said...

I want you to know that my votes for you were based solely on the Malin Akerman pics. Well done.

Ha, best of luck!

Nick Prigge said...

Yes! That's one!

Thanks, man. I do enjoy making untraditional FYC ads. I just don't know any other way.