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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

When I Accidentally Saw The Before Midnight Trailer

For the last month of my moviegoing there has been a simple rule – if attending the Landmark, which serves up the majority of Chicago’s indie fare (which means I’m there a lot), I sit on the aisle. I do this in the event the “Before Midnight” trailer appears and I need to make a fast exit to prevent myself from having any information spoiled. This past Saturday when I attended a showing of “At Any Price”, however, I made a mistake.

Perhaps the spring weather on the walk there had clouded my judgment. Perhaps the fact “At Any Price” was showing in the smallest theater and, thus, aisle seating was not the best viewing option took my mind off my rule. Whatever the case, I sat in the middle, between two couples. In the case of a trailer emergency, I was stuck.

There was a trailer emergency.

And you know what? It wouldn’t have mattered anyway. The FIRST SHOT of the “Before Midnight” trailer gives away the essence of Jesse and Celine’s relationship. By the time I realized what trailer I was seeing, it was already too late. My thought process was honestly the following: “Oh. Hey. That’s Julie Delpy. I haven’t seen her in awhile. Is this – wait, that’s Ethan Hawke! This is……..oh, f---.”

So this is a warning, my fellow Tweed Jackets, that to see a split second of the trailer is to know what you don't want to know. I would advise to ask an usher if there is a trailer for "Before Midnight" before your chosen movie and, if so, just cool your heels in the hallway 'til the trailers are done.

Or watch the trailers with your ears covered and your eyes closed - like I did for the rest of the "Before Midnight" trailer once I realized that's what it was.


Wretched Genius said...

You covered your ears and eyes for the rest of the trailer?! That means you missed the awesome teaser/reveal at the end where Deply is shown powering up her BattleMech to fend off the Suryllion army now that Hawke has been imprisoned by the Ice Lord and she's humanity's last hope. You really robbed yourself of that one, buddy.

Anonymous said...

I feel with you. So far I've managed to stay away from all spoilers of this movie. I don't read reviews, I don't look at the imdb page and if I see it mentioned on twitter I look elsewhere. I think it's very insensitive to make a revealing trailer like that. The last movie ended with a cliff hanger, we don't know if they're a couple or not when this movie starts. I guess that's what's revealed in the trailer.

I'm not sure that this movie will be heavily marketed in Sweden with trailers and such; actually I'll be happy if it even comes up in theatres (it appears it will, but I'll trust it when I see it). But in case something is shown in a theatre I'll be quick to cover my eyes and ears.

Nick Prigge said...

Brad: Well, that would be one way to go...

Jessica: "I think it's very insensitive to make a revealing trailer like that." Exactly! I mean, I suppose they want to provide context for people who haven't seen the other films or don't know about them but it's such a cult kind of series to begin with I just don't know that it's necessary to do it. Ah well.