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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The World's End Soundtrack......Featuring Kylie Minogue

As longtime (and likely frustrated) readers know, Cinema Romantico is always on catlike alert for any excuse to work in a Kylie Minogue reference. Thus, when the songs comprising the soundtrack to the forthcoming Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright collaboration "The World's End" were announced, we were elated to spy a familiar track. Namely, this one.....


What always gets me is the line "remember the old days / remember The O'Jays". This song was released in 1990. The O'Jays most popular tune, "Love Train", was released in 1973. So "the old days" were considered 17 years prior. "Step Back In Time" is now, ahem, 23 years old.

Pardon me while I silently grieve. (And consider the possibility that this song's presence in "The World's End" might indicate a possible time travel montage. Or a group sing-along. Or both.)

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