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Thursday, August 22, 2013

10 More Movie Character Memoirs

It was just announced that Will Ferrell’s alter ego Ron Burgundy, Anchorman extraordinaire and owner of a rich mahogany-smelling apartment, would be releasing his memoirs in advance of the film's upcoming sequel. This, as it absolutely had to, got me to thinking – what other movie characters should release their memoirs?

10 More Movie Character Memoirs

Rollergirl, Boogie Nights

"My Life On Skates"

Herman Blume, Rushmore


Caden Cotard, Synecdoche, New York


Corporal Fife, The Thin Red Line

"As I Saw It"

 Mrs. Griffith, Easy A

"Regrets, I Have A Few"

Josh Baskin, Big

"Getting Old Twice (It Blows)"

Paula, 40 Year Old Virgin

"174 Tips To Succeed In Business & Assorted Guatemalan Love Songs"

Chet, Kicking and Screaming

"Immortal Student: There Was A Horse At That One"

Jackie Q, Get Him To The Greek

"Gin & Fuck Buddies"

Uli Kunkel, The Big Lebowski

"A Non-History Of Nihilism"


Alex Withrow said...

Holy hell, this is brilliant. Of these, I think I'd most like to read "My Life On Skates" followed directly by "Getting Old Twice (It Blows)."

Though "As I Saw It" would be rather compelling.

Nick Prigge said...

Thanks! I kind of wish Malick would release a short film just to show us Fife's story.