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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Friday's Old Fashioned Flashes Back To The 80's

So, it approaches – that is, my birthday. My dreaded, “wait-it-was-just-last-year-and-now-it’s-this-year?-HOW-IS-THIS-HAPPENING???!!!” birthday. Yet, as much as I dread it, it causes my already severe nostalgia problem to kick into an even higher gear. And so as it looms just beyond the reach of god-awful August, I find myself returning cinematically to the decade of my youth – The 80’s.

Which is why this year once again Cinema Romantico’s “famed” Friday’s Old Fashioned column - the only classic film column on the internet named after bourbon, bitters, sugar, orange, and maraschino cherry - is going straight 80’s. Hawks gets traded in for Hughes. Jean Harlow gets traded in for Jean(ie) Bueller.

The five films this month are all new to me but, I must stress, the selections may not entirely be, shall we say, “quintessential”. A few of them you might expect, but a couple of them you might not. Either way, I hope you don’t hold it against me. So strike up the Sheena Easton, crack a Capri Sun and climb into my blogging DeLorean.

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