' ' Cinema Romantico: Over-Analyzing The Machete Kills Trailer (Part 2)

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Over-Analyzing The Machete Kills Trailer (Part 2)

When last we met we were attempting to surmise precisely what role one Lady Gaga would be playing in Robert Rodriguez's forthcoming "Machete Kills" (release date: October 11th, which places it in the midst of the Chicago International Film Festival, which means Lady Gaga still takes preference). I have no choice but to assume you have been waiting with bated breath for a follow-up. Well, here it is!!!

The second trailer for "Machete Kills" was released just last week and provided further, stunning insight into Ms. Gaga's role as La ChameleĆ³n.

It seems the film centers around The President of the United States (Charlie Sheen - er, Carlos Estevez) being threatened by the requisite Mexican megalomaniac (Mel Gibson) aiming a missile at the White House. Thus, The President of the United States summons Machete (Danny Trejo).

This is how we come to find the requisite Mexican megalomaniac declaring "You can't beat my army of super soldiers." And as he says this the trailer accentuates the line with this shot...

So it would seem Lady Gaga is one of Mel Gibson's super soldiers. Which seems a little odd when you consider Lady Gaga is a fairly staunch advocate of gay rights and Mel Gibson is.....uh.....never mind.

Moving on!

There are other super soldiers, such as Cuba Gooding Jr. who, as you might remember from our previous "Machete Kills" trailer breakdown, more or less shared the same character name as Lady Gaga. (El Camaleon.) Why, we wondered? Well, in trailer #2 he declares: "Now you've seen my face."

Which leads to this shot (by the way, who needs a refreshing Pepsi all of a sudden?)...

Which leads to this shot...

Which leads to us to the inescapable conclusion that La ChameleĆ³n & El Camaleon are one in the same!

Does this mean Lady Gaga is part-(ex)owner of that Supporting Actor Oscar that Cuba Gooding Jr. was forced to return to the Academy post-"Snow Dogs"?

Until October 11th.


Alex Withrow said...

I did notice the Cuba Gooding face ripping bit, but I didn't put these two together. Shit, if Cuba Gooding is really Lady Gaga... that kind of spoils things. A number of things.

Nick Prigge said...

Well, trailers can use editing tricks in any number of ways so I'm not entirely ready to believe that Cuba is Gaga. But....looking at that trailer as closely (obsessively) as I did, that's what the evidence seems to suggest.

I'm sorry if I ruined it for you!