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Friday, October 11, 2013

In Memoriam: Kumar Pallana

Whether it was his recurring turns in Wes Anderson's work - as Mr. Littlejeans in "Rushmore" or the heroic ex-assassin in "The Royal Tenenbaums" - or the slow-footed store manager in the under seen gem "10 Items Or Less", fewer people in this day and age have cut a more memorable face on the silver screen by saying so little. He didn't need to say much to make an impression.

Our world could have used more Kumar Pallanas. 


Derek Armstrong said...

Very sad. A friend and I have been on the Kumar bandwagon ever since he made such an impression on us in Bottle Rocket - a safecracker who ultimately, inexplicably, admits he has no idea how to do it when they're already in the middle of a heist. For some reason that one little moment - or really, how he plays it - was the funniest to us in the whole film. RIP.

Derek Armstrong said...

Er, forgot to check email followup comments. So this second comment is so I can get them. So, er, there better be some.