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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Dozen Best Movie Drinks

"Couglin's diet: cocktails and dreams." - Bryan Brown, Cocktail

Yes. I know. Referencing Tom Cruise's critical stink bomb "Cocktail" and its drink-mixing mentor/maestro Brian Flanagan, he of the conspicuous Irish surname, in conjunction with an Irish-themed holiday is insulting. Except, not really. It's not really insulting because we all know that St. Patrick's Day in America has nothing to do with anything legitimately having to do with Ireland. It's an excuse for Americans to paint green on their faces and consume massive amounts of alcohol. Hell, most years they don't really even celebrate on St. Patrick's Day. They celebrate on the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day. It's like St. Patrick's Day observed. And any Irishman worth his whiskey knows you don't simply do your drinking on a day conveniently scheduled to avoid having a hangover on a weekday morning. Please.

Thus, in that spirit, today, on the real March 17th, Cinema Romantico offers the 12 Best Drinks Ever Drunk At The Movies.

(Disclaimer: no James Bond martinis will be included. This is because Cinema Romantico genuinely believes every drink listed below is more memorable than every single martini every single version of Bond has ever ordered and/or imbibed. Apologies.)

The Dozen Best Movie Drinks

12. The Big Lebowski

"Hey! Careful, man! There's a beverage here!"

11. The Thin Man

Nora: "Is that my drink over there?" 
Nick: "What are you drinking?" 
Nora: "Rye." 
Nick: (Picks up the glass and drinks it down.) "Yes. That's yours."

10. Titanic

"What, you think a first class girl can't drink?"

9. Out of Sight

Karen's tumbler of beloved bourbon becomes the epicenter of long-awaited physical contact between her and the handsome bank robber. 

8. Goodfellas

Paulie: "What'd you bring?"
Henry: "Bread. Peppers and onions. Salami. Prosciutto. A lot of cheese."
Paulie: "Come on, come on, what else."
Henry: (Revealing a bottle as if it were The Lost City of Z.) "...scotch."

7. Miami Vice

Go-fast boating off to Havana just to have mojitos. The life I'll never lead. Sigh...

6. Some Like It Hot

"I'm Sugar Kane. It used to be Sugar Kowalczyk."

5. Sideways

"You know, the day you open a '61 Cheval Blanc... that's the special occasion."

4. On the Waterfront

"One for the lady, one for the gent."

3. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Marion Ravenwood, 4-ever.

2. The Big Sleep

"It's raining pretty hard."
"Hey. That's right. It is, isn't it? You know, it just so happens I got a pretty good bottle of rye in my pocket. I'd rather get wet in here."

1. Inglourious Basterds

"There's a special rung in hell reserved for people who waste good scotch. Seeing as how I may be rapping on the door momentarily..."

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Alex Withrow said...

Now this is one damn fine list. After your glorious pick for number 12, I couldn’t imagine what would follow.

Henry: (Revealing a bottle as if it were The Lost City of Z.) "...scotch." YES!

7. Haha, seriously.

Love that Fassbender takes the top spot. That’s such a great movie drink moment.