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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cloud City Twin Pod Revealed On Set Of Star Wars: Episode VII?

Recently I was sitting in front of my laptop, hard at work on yet another painstaking review, or possibly watching Katy Perry videos on Youtube, when I received an email from an anonymous tipster claiming to be an extra for the currently filming "Star Wars: Episode VII" and saying he had captured a covert image of the Twin Pod spaceship on set. This, of course, caught my attention because the Twin Pod was the primary mode of air travel at the Bespin mining colony in scenic Cloud City. And the administrator of the Cloud City facility was, of course, Lando Calrissian who was, of course, played by Billy Dee Williams. This led to the natural speculation: is Billy Dee Williams in "Episode VII"?

Visual proof "Star Wars: Episode VII" will return to Cloud City?
My curiosity piqued, I forwarded the photo to my friend, who shall remain nameless, a photograph authenticator in Guatemala who has sussed out many a phony image in his day but also verified some of the most historically astonishing images of the past decade. His reply, which has not been altered or embellished, is as follows...

"Jesus Christ, dude. What's wrong with you? That's a toy fucking spaceship. It's sitting on someone's kitchen floor. How could you not tell that's a toy? Are you fucking with me? Is that what you're doing? Is the whole world fucking with me? Seriously. I've had it up to here. Look, I love movies and you love movies and we all love movies, but this? This is just going too far. People have GOT to calm down. They have GOT to stop obsessing over it. You know when they can obsess over it? The day it gets released. That's when. Wait in line for it and freak out about it and wear your stupid costumes and LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE BECAUSE WE CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU'RE CAUSING US EXTREMELY LITERAL BRAIN DAMAGE! I'm becoming a monk."

The jury is still out.

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