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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Anything Goes!

Since Thursday of last week and up through Sunday, TIFF - that is, the Toronto International Film Festival - has been in the midst of bestowing endless cinematic gifts upon ardent filmgoers and heavy-hitting film critics and distribution seekers, etc. And with TIFF in full swing, no one, of course, is reading Cinema Romantico this week. Which is fine because it means I can do anything I want. Like post this......

That's right! It's the first-annual Anything Goes! week here at Cinema Romantico! Maybe I'll just post Jean Harlow clips. Maybe I'll just post Elisabeth Shue In "Cocktail" GIFs. Maybe I'll just talk all week about peripheral characters in "Elizabethtown." Maybe I'll offer in five-parts my spec script for a "Rizzoli & Isles" British spin-off starring Sienna Miller and Kate Middleton. Maybe I'll finally show the world that piece of fan fiction I wrote about Sundown. Maybe I'll provide comprehensive coverage of the 2014 Banker's Trust Whack-Bat Championships. Who knows?! I could do anything! Because ANYTHING GOES!!!!!!!!

I'd tell you to stick around and see what goes. But then, you're not reading.

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