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Friday, October 31, 2014

Cinema Romantico's Week Off

Hey, loyal readers, first-time readers and suspect readers wondering "who is this dufus and what is with his 'ShueRolling' obsession?" Once again, that time of the year has arrived. Today I'm off to unwind, relax, recharge and smile brightly and widely while consuming coffee in 40 degree temperatures on the north shore of Minnesota and Lake Superior while partaking in a roughly ten day Internet sabbatical.

But don't fret! Cinema Romantico will not be going dark in my absence. We have several posts set to go up automatically, posts we have refrained from posting for reasons I don't really know. Well, that's not entirely true. I didn't post my "Lone Survivor" review because I was terrified the pro-"Lone Survivor" supporters who become absurdly jingoist for daring to accuse "Lone Survivor" of being absurdly jingoist \would swoop down on this poor blog to verbally accost me for failing to declare that "Lone Survivor" WAS THE SINGLE GREATEST FILM IN THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION AND IF YOU SO MUCH AS CLAIM IT POSSESSESS EVEN HALF OF ONE FLAW YOU ARE A TREASONIST. But since I won't be here when the review goes up, hey, have at it! I'll catch up with the comments laterzville.

There will also be a traditionally served Friday's Old Fashioned, an obligatory wonked-out Top 5, a requisite anybody's-guess-what-in-the-world-this-is, and a post in which I pay homage to (rip off) my friend Alex at And So It Begins... and his incredible Things About Movies He Loves That No One Else Talks About. So keep stopping by! I'll catch back up with y'all just in time for my "Interstellar" review to have been rendered irrelevant due to the passage of (Internet) time.



Alex Withrow said...

Love what you said about the HOO-RAH-FUCKING-RAH-ness concerning Lone Survivor. Having just read your review, I fully agree with everything you said about it.

Also can't wait for your homage to my posts!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Have fun on your trip and break, Nick! You're hilarious. Looking forward to your posts, having just enjoyed a week off myself.