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Thursday, November 06, 2014

36 Things I Love About A Life Less Ordinary (that no one talks about)

My friend Alex of And So It Begins... regularly assembles these spectacular posts in which he lists a plethora of things in films he adores that no one else - so to speak - talks about. They are a delight. I love them. I love this one. And this one. Oh, and this one too! And I have been desperate for some time now to pay homage (rip him off). The time has come.

I love "A Life Less Ordinary", may God have mercy on my soul. If I could only watch one Danny Boyle film before I passed forevermore.....well, I'd watch "Sunshine." But if I could watch two Danny Boyle films before I passed forevermore, I'd watch "Sunshine" and "A Life Less Ordinary." Perhaps it's a bit of a, shall we say, mess, but life's a mess and love's a mess and the world's a mess and I adore every last iota of "A Life Less Ordinary's" mess. Here are 36 iotas in particular. 
36 Things I Love About A Life Less Ordinary (that no one talks about)

What a perfect opening shot. It looks like an album cover from when the sixties were starting to go bad and no one knew it.

I love the faux-rapture with which the dude on the right is listening to Robert blather about his trash novel to end all trash novels. And I love how the dude on the left just forgoes the fauxness.

 The establishing shot of the scene that will transform Celine's existence - her father prattling on about her irresponsibility and all we see to let us know she's there is the designer boot.

As the emerging plot is set in motion, we see our protagonists via the God's Eye shot, reinforcing the idea of the divine.

That shirt.


Look at how HAPPY Celine is while hard-working Walt gives her his schpiel!

The set design! Holly Hunter's pose!

Even after kidnapping her and tying her to a chair, he's still offended by the thought that someone else would have been so rude as to kidnap her.

"I'm not interested in you, or your novel, or any other pathetic idea you have to change your miserable, mundane existence."

When Celine tells Robert to go to his "dark side", that's his ensuing expression. THAT! His dark side is like forgetting to ask for extra hot sauce with his wings.

Holly Hunter's performance in this film is one of my secret Favorite Performances Of All Time. Partially because every physical acting choice she makes it's like this one - what is she doing?!

"Catch ya later there, Mr. Johnson."

Sometimes it's easy to forget just how beautiful this movie looks.

"It's a common scenario." (I say these words - or write these words, or think these words - all the time. And when I do, I'm thinking of them here in Cameron Diaz's voice.) 

In the crosshairs.

Local boy Scotty Sherman.

Richie Vanderloo.

Love how Robert, typically so slow-witted, instinctively plays up the part of being Todd Johnson's close personal friend with the hug.

Ian Holm doesn't get a lot to do, but when he's on screen, he makes it count.

"You were great."
"I was?"

Those trees!

Holly Hunter!

Holly Hunter's Hand! Playing the part of The Monster That Cannot Be Killed.

Holly Hunter's Chaw! My favorite affectation in a film full of little affectations. I like to imagine she just showed up on set that day with the chaw and carried it on camera without telling anyone.

"All right, kill me! Just don't touch the girl!" yelled the gentleman bank robber.

"I often wonder what became of that girl. Sweet Eliza Gray."

Stanley Tucci so perfectly exemplifies a jackass.

Cameron Diaz's best effort at doing a Holly Hunter.

The rain slicker on Jackson's fedora. Prop of the year.

"How could anybody be that honest?!"

The look of a man who's confusedly run up against fate.

"I'll get the door. You play blackjack with the hostage."

I love how protective Jackson is of O'Riley in this scene.


Ah, love.

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Wretched Genius said...

I dragged so many people to this when it was in theaters, and I'm pretty sure they all hated me for it. I have no regrets. This film is great, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Also, I apologize in advance, but I'm going to directly rip off your post (while giving you full credit, of course).