' ' Cinema Romantico: Santa Monica Pier Mystérieux

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Santa Monica Pier Mystérieux

I like to imagine alternate histories. I like to imagine George Washington living now and becoming the world's greatest craft brewer. I like to imagine the Aztecs whooping some Cortés ass. I like to imagine Colt McCoy's futile throwaway pass in the waning moments of the 2009 Big 12 Championsip Game not hitting that godforsaken railing. I like to imagine Little Boots playing the London Olympics Closing Ceremonies instead of the Spice Girls. I like to imagine Sofia Coppola winning the Best Director Oscar for 2003 and all the Peter Jackson fanatics in hobbit costumes looking at their TV screens bewildered while all the Sofia-ites toast their Sofia Blanc de Blanc and crank Jesus & Mary Chain.

But what I really like to imagine is Rose Dewitt Bukater & Jack Dawson living now rather than then and becoming the world's most prominent electronica duo.

And their first album cover would look like this...


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This like means the world to me.