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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cinema Romantico Defines Movie Awesomeness

Yesterday in the Washington Post, the righteous Alyssa Rosenberg addressed, as she put it, "The tyranny of 'awesome'", an investgation into whether or not the modern-day fancypants catch-all "awesome" is overused. "(T)he way 'awesome' and various other adjectives connoting that something is either the absolute best or the utter worst are used today is even more unnerving," she writes. "Rather than helping us understand the difference between something truly awe-inspiring and something momentarily pleasurable, or between a true travesty and a social misstep, our tendency toward extremes is blurring these gradations and denying us the chance to feel a wider range of emotions."

So we here at Cinema Romantico took it upon ourselves to point out a few things that are truly awe-inspiring as opposed to momentarily pleasurable to allow everyone an ability to grasp precisely what constitues "awesomeness". Now, I understand that by simply spouting them off sans any sort of in-depth and/or convincing explanation as to what "makes" them "awesome" means that I am, as Rosenberg writes, "prevent(ing) inquiry". But inquiry is pointless, you dunderheads, BECAUSE THESE THINGS ARE AWESOME.

Keira Knightley's hat in "Love Actually" is awesome. 

Brock Landers & Chest Rockwell are awesome.

Peter Venkman getting hardly any marshmallow on him at the end of "Ghostbusters" is awesome. 

EVERYTHING in "Top Gun" is awesome.

Kim Gordon's hair in "Tuff Turf" is awesome. 

Otto is awesome. 

This is awesome.

This is also awesome. 

This is absolutely awesome.

OMG, this so obviously awesome why are we even having this conversation???

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