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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Emily Blunt's Letter to the Cannes Film Festival

The interwebs are alive with shouts and murmurs of the apparent Cannes Film Festival ordinance that all females must wear high heels on the red carpet, or else. The hella talented Emily Blunt, walking the red carpet on the French Riviera to promote “Sicario”, couldn’t take this footwear B.S. anymore and spoke about it. Twitter erupted. Cannes improbably became more supercilious. And so on. As it happens, Cinema Romantico’s sources were able to track down a letter sent by Emily Blunt’s PR team to the film festival’s directors in advance of her appearance. We have re-printed it below.

Dear Pierre Lescure and The French Association of the International Film Festival,

I hope this letter finds you well. Emily cannot wait to attend Cannes! However, we were hoping you might acquiesce to one minor request. While Ms. Blunt respects your ultra-progressive policy forcing females to wear high heels on the red carpet lest they appear - egads! - un-ladylike, she wondered if you might do her a solid, just this once, and grant her the privilege of wearing flats for the premiere of Sicario. Her back has really been in a lot of pain this last year considering she had to carry Tom Cruise in “Edge of Tomorrow.”

Thanks again!

Sincerely, The Artists Partnership

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Derek Armstrong said...


Emily Blunt is, like, my favorite person. Not actress. Person. I sometimes even convince myself that because she is married to a tall, goofy Bostonian -- which is what I am -- that she might even go for me. Then I remember I am happily married with kids. But still.