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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Best Comic Book Hero of All-Time

While we could debate favorite comic book heroes all day, I've always been partial, as many know, to Hōkūlani, of Oceanic Comics fame. You might remember her origin story..... born June 20th 1967, the same night as the once-in-a-world colossus moon, big sister to the super moon, which pulled the tides and caused flooding in the hospital where Hōkūlani was born, momentarily ensconcing her in the rushing waters before she was rushed to safety. Her family retreated with the newborn baby up nearby Kilohana Hill, named for the Hawaiian goddess of expression and ingenuity, where a shift in tectonic plates, also brought about by the colossus moon, caused the long dormant volcano of Kilohana Hill to seep lava. That lava infused Hōkūlani with heat that mixed with the chill of the Pacific's water, meaning that Hōkūlani, when able to hone her skills in full, could flip from immense passion to coolest of the cool in an instant, faster than any before her, and with great conviction. And many years later, after Hōkūlani had defeated the evil megalomaniacal villain Thetan, who tried to appropriate her superpowers for his own selfish gain, she reclaimed them as her own, allowing them to shine, to shine as brightly as the Heavenly Star for which she was named. She had no peer. She has no peer. She is invincible in her expressiveness, awe-inspiring in her radiance and wears a cape with silver moons to honor the colossus which bequeathed upon her such immense power.

You probably know her best, however, as her alter ego.....Nicole Kidman.

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