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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Blog Housekeeping – Change Your Bookmarks, if you actually had them

Welp, the day Cinema Romantico assumed would never arrive because, frankly, we didn’t care anywhere near enough about it has finally arrived because of a light kick in the pants received from other quarters. This is to say, Cinema Romantico is dropping the (non)dreaded blogspot from its name to go for something more ostensibly professional.

We had simply hoped to change this still-a-blog to cinemaromantico.com and be done with it so we could get back to posting pictures of Keira Knightley in hats ASAP. In a tragic twist, however, some film festival that apparently hasn’t existed since 2006 still has dibs on that domain name, and since all we have to offer as payment for our preferred cinemaromantico.com is half a cup of leftover cold coffee from this morning, that option was nixed. We thought about, for half a second, changing this still-a-blog’s name, but the only acceptable new moniker was The Capri, and aside from old school Des Moineseans who drive past 4115 University and get misty-eyed, everyone would be going “huh?” Heck no, this still-a-blog is still Cinema Romantico.

That brought it down to the abhorrent (so “they” tell me) .net or the equally repellent (so “they” tell me) .org, either one of which will probably (so “they” tell me) harm readership. But then, Cinema Romantico has always been extraordinarily poor at cultivating readership, combing for clicks and analyzing stats, never mind that we would rather read back issues of Movieline from the 90s than network, online or in person, ye gods.

We could have flipped a coin to decide our new interwebs address but we decided to go with .org, because “they” tell me .org is intended more for sites that fancy themselves non-profit. And Cinema Romantico isn’t just non-profit; it’s anti-profit. We would rather throw money out a window then make any, are you kidding. We are, after all, as our LinkedIn profile we haven’t checked in over five years proclaims, cinephilanthropists.

So anyway, this here still-a-blog is now cinemaromantico.org. Everything should auto-redirect but still, make the necessary bookmark updates or corrections to your interwebs elocution provender so you can keep reading, or ignoring. Cheers. Now, back to the important stuff.


s. said...

why did you change the address? I was wondering about changing mine but I worry all the links all over the web won't work anymore if I do

Nick Prigge said...

The Online Film Critics Society, which I'm part of, wanted anyone with a blogspot, or a tumblr, or a wordpress, to do away with them. So I was following orders. It wasn't a big deal to change at all though. It just took a few minutes and then everything re-directed on its own. I've checked out some of my links on the interwebs and they all re-direct fine. It's been extremely seamless. Based on my experience, if you want to change your address, it shouldn't be a big deal.