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Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Morning Timeout

It's been a long week here at Cinema Romantico, what with the Crushing Post-Olympics Letdown™ transitioning directly into a why-won't-this-dissipate illness transitioning directly into a dishwasher malfunction which was like the callback to a joke earlier in the set that wasn't actually told, and all of that intertwined with the hideous late days of August which are, bar none, and even without Crushing Post-Olympics Letdown™ and a why-won't-this-dissipate illness, this blog's least favorite few days of every single year. And that long week, as you may or may not have noticed, contributed directly to our sparse content last week for which we roundly apologize. That we were able to serve an Old Fashioned was simply because we keep an Old Fashioned readymade under the bar for emergency situations. Now we have to make another emergency Old Fashioned which simply adds something else to our prolonged to-do list. So please, bear with us, give us another day, let us get our wits about us, and ingest our bloodstreams with a few more cups of coffee, and we will meet the high standard that you don't expect and that doesn't exist anyway beginning Tuesday, bright and early, and continuing on into the fall. (Fall? Are you out there? Oh sweet smells of autumn, just tease me, please, and tell me you're close.)

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