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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Friday's Old Fashioned Flashes Back to the Eighties

You might have thought that we here at Cinema Romantico forgot about everyone's favorite annual tradition. You know, those remarkably glorious four or five Fridays each year when Cinema Romantico’s Friday’s Old Fashioned column – the only classic film column on the internet named after bourbon, bitters, sugar, orange, and maraschino cherry – goes straight 80s. But rest assured, we did not forget. How could we?! After all, an 80s-garnished Old Fashioned is consistently this blog’s most popular post (by which we mean our pageviews increase by a whopping 22).

No, Cinema Romantico was merely forced to postpone. With Olympism consuming us throughout August, we decided to delay our annual 80s-immersion for September, which means it officially coincides with my dreaded another-year-has-passed-and-I-have-done-nothing-with-my-life-and-it's-all-meaningless birthday, which is what Flashing Back to the Eighties is all about – getting nostalgic by re-visiting the decade of my youth.

Hawks gets traded in for Hughes. Jean Harlow briefly opts out for Jean(ie) Bueller. Harold Lloyd cedes the stage to Lloyd Dobler. As always, I must stress the selections are not, shall we say, “quintessential”. But I hope you don’t hold it against me. So Wake Up to Love, crack a Capri Sun and climb into my blogging DeLorean.

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