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Monday, September 05, 2016

This One Shot in The Hollars Trailer

You know when sometimes you see a shot in a movie trailer and you can see the whole scene play out in your mind without even having to see the movie?

Like, this is the lake you used to come to as a kid, and this is the tire swing on which you used to swing out over that lake, when that lake so big, so endless, like your future, which was limitless but also incomprehensible because it seemed so far off, so far away from the present, which was just the girl you loved, the girl you might have always loved, much to the chagrin of your spouse, who you do love, honest you do, but God these complicated feelings of longing for The One That Got Away, even though she didn’t really get away because you let her go, you dummy, and now she’s here, and so are you, and so is the tire swing, but not your wife, and not your kids, but what about them, oh God these affairs of the heart, and why on earth did I agree to come back here for summer vacation when we could’ve just gone to that resort in Chamonix where I wouldn’t have had to worry about the past ‘unexpectedly’ rearing its head and simply buried all these feelings in some beignets?

But you know what? I will simply ascend this tire swing, and I will swing out over the lake, not for old time’s sake but to let the old times go, which I will symbolically demonstrate by literally letting go of the tire swing, and flying, flying away and over the water and into the water where I-  

Nope. Still feels pretty much feels like this.

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