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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Choose Your Own Post Election Post

Greetings! The Worst American Presidential Election In History is over! Maybe. Maybe not. I hesitate, of course, because we here at Cinema Romantico are on retreat, far, far away in the northern reaches of Minnesota and away from the Interwebs. And because we are away from the Interwebs we cannot tailor this post to account for exact election results. Still, we did not want to leave you, faithful readers, without some sort of soothing tonic if all went well or rot gut whiskey if everything got blown up, and so we hit on the idea of you providing you both options! Apply as necessary.


Ah. The election is over. The air smells better, the breeze feels cooler, that headache you simply could not shake for 18 months has finally dissipated, the relentless drone of political punditry has gratefully been switched off and now the lilting nothingness of no polling data can be the metaphorical relaxation CD that lets us lay down for our long overdue national nap.........


Welp, they finally did it. They killed the republic of George fucking Washington. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

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