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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Cinema Romantico's Week Off

Hey, loyal readers, first-time readers and suspect readers wondering “who is this dufus and what’s his predilection for Keira Knightley in hats?” Once again, that time of the year has arrived. Today I am off to unwind, relax, recharge and smile brightly and widely while consuming coffee in 50 degree temperatures on the north shore of Minnesota and Lake Superior while partaking in a weeklong Internet sabbatical. I always take an Internet sabbatical this time of year during this particular getaway, but this year the getaway/sabbatical just happened to coincide with the feverish wind down of The Worst Presidential Election In History. I will be the hell off social media as everything, more or less, goes to social media hell. How’s that for timing?!

But don’t fret! Unlike this past June when we also took a few days off, Cinema Romantico will not be going dark during this absence. We have several posts set to go up automatically, including a couple reviews that were never published for reasons I don’t really know, as well as a traditionally served Friday’s Old Fashioned, and a couple short but sweet election themed posts to try and cheer you up as this interminable process finally (hopefully?) drags itself across the finish line. (Try to) stay sane, y’all, and we will catch back up in real time. Ha det bra!


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