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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Antonymic Shueroll

The purpose of a Shueroll, as it is with the Shueroll’s forefather the Rickroll, is it to deliberately lead you down the blogging primrose path. For instance, I say on some social media platform, or such, that I am going to be showing you the latest trailer for “The Last Jedi”, the new “Star Wars” movie (don’t see it here!). So you click on the link only to – gasp! – find that what Cinema Romantico is proferring is not “The Last Jedi” trailer but the opening sequence of “Adventures in Babysitting” (1987) in which Elisabeth Shue, alternate dimension Oscar winner, is essentially doing private room karaoke by herself to the sweet, sweet sounds of The Crystals. This, you see, is because there are eleventy jillion other places on the interwebs you can, and probably have, already seen the trailer for “The Last Jedi” and Cinema Romantico likes to have a little fun with trailer culture even though Cinema Romantico would never ever be one of those people that would say something jaw-droppingly stupid like “It’s just a trailer” as if we fancy ourselves Copernicus for making such a banal observation.

Well, “The Last Jedi” trailer did premiere yesterday and so this would be the opportune time for our latest Shueroll. But these are strange days, readers. These are days when our America First President is maybe going to lead America into global nuclear war, maybe depending on nebulous criteria that he has yet to define, perhaps because its definition is subject to what the next Fox & Friends tells him, or subject to whether POTUS got his chocolate cake before bed, or dependent upon whether Ivanka just got a big order from Pyongyang for some Floral Print Flare dresses. I sure hope the worst doesn’t happen, but if it does, well, Cinema Romantico wants to go out on the highest, most blissful note possible. And there are no notes higher and no notes more blissful than these…

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