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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Most Iconic Mid-Making-of-the-Movie Action Shots

Jordan Peele rightfully basking in the post-release glow of his solid gold directorial debut "Get Out" has naturally led to a plethora of pieces about Jordan Peele and the making of "Get Out", and nearly every one of these pieces has run an identical photo of him on set. It is this photo.....

That is Director Photo. That is a Director...in action! That is a director in consultation with an actor, which we know on account of his right hand, raised in the manner of a director giving direction, and tied together by the headphones which emit the crucial air of a director on set. This, when you first fall in love with movies as an adolescent, is how you picture yourself as a director, mid-making-of-the-movie action shot.

It got me to thinking about other mid-making-of-the-movie action shots and which was one might be the most iconic.

Most Iconic Mid-Making-of-the-Movie Action Shots

This is the Looking-Through-The-Camera mid-making-of-the-movie action shot. It is, of course, a staple, but not quite as directorial as this..... 

Because this is the Looking-Through-The-Viewfinder mid-making-of-the-movie action shot, highlighting a film-centric gadget and thereby accentuating the auteurism.

This is the Shouting-Through-The-Bullhorn mid-making-of-the-movie action shot, which Michael Bay owns as much as American Gothic owns pitchforks.

This is the Consulation-With-Actors mid-making-of-the-movie action shot, which is another one you imagine yourself in the midst of when you are an adolescent dreaming of aeutrism, these Oscar nominated actors hanging back and listening to you.

Ah yes. The Hand-Framing mid-making-of-the-movie action shot. It's a classic, a stone cold classic. One of the 12.2 million best parts of "Bowfinger" is when Bowfinger himself, trying his best to look like a director when attempting to film at a public place without a permit, just walks up and down the street randomly hand-framing absolutely nothing.

And so yes, it's tough to beat Hand-Framing, really tough, but not impossible. Because for me...

...nothing beats the Director Pointing-Into-The-Distance mid-making-of-the-movie action shot, which elicits the impression that the Director, the all-knowing Director, is motioning to something that only he or she, in his or her wise "I'm a director" estimation, can see.

Well, on second thought, nothing beats the Director Pointing-Into-The-Distance mid-making-of-the-movie action shot unless you get the ultra-rare blending of the Hand-Framing and Pointing-Into-The-Distance mid-making-of-the-movie action shot. 


Wretched Genius said...

You forgot "Director at Video Monitor" and the classic "Director Picks Up Camera And Gets The Shot Him/Herself".

Unknown said...

Nobody beats The King.