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Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday's Old Fashioned Flashes Back to the Eighties

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! By which I mean, it’s this blog’s least favorite time of year. By which I mean, the dog days of summer (ugh) combined with the countdown to my dreaded another-year-has-passed-and-I-have-done-nothing-with-my-life-and-it’s-all-meaningless birthday at the dawn of September. And so I find myself, as I do every year at this time, nostalgically and cinematically returning to the decade of my youth – The 80s. Which is why this year once again Cinema Romantico’s “famed” Friday’s Old Fashioned column – the only classic film column on the internet named after bourbon, bitters, sugar, orange, and maraschino cherry – is going straight 80s for the next month (with a bonus September 1st edition), beginning a week from today, August 4th, with a quasi-special August 3rd kickoff. Hawks gets traded in for Hughes. Jean Harlow takes a momentary respite to allow face time for Jean(ie) Bueller. Harold Lloyd cedes the stage to Lloyd Dobler.

Ah, but this year, faithful frustrated readers, is no ordinary year. No, 2017 marks my 40th birthday. And that means I am feeling the whole another-year-has-passed-and-I-have-done-nothing-with-my-life-and-it’s-all-meaningless vibe even harder, especially since it seems to be coinciding with The Fall of the Republic. This birthday...this birthday is the worst one yet. That sucks for me, but it’s a bonus for you, faithful frustrated readers, because it means more 80s! That’s right! In addition to our traditional Friday’s Old Fashioneds there will also be Thursday freeze frames culled from 80s movies that I hold close to my heart. And that’s not all! There will be 80s-themed shout-outs to the extra, forgotten great moments in movie history, drivel, maybe more, who knows???!!! Maybe we will have an interview with Lea Thompson!!! (We will not.)

So strike up the Tiffany, crack a Capri Sun and climb into my blogging DeLorean. Onward.

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