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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mea Culpa (What’s In A Name?)

Earlier today Cinema Romantico published a post in which we speculated that Ansel Elgort’s jacket in “Baby Driver” was specifically designed to look like Han Solo’s jacket in the (real) “Star Wars” trilogy because Elgort is set to portray Han Solo in an upcoming origin movie. One fairly enormous flaw in this theory was promptly brought to our attention – that is, Alden Ehrenreich is playing Han Solo in the upcoming origin movie, not Ansel Elgort.

Did Cinema Romantico not know this, or forget this, or confuse one AE actor for another, or simply become so taken with Ansel Elgort’s jacket in “Baby Driver” that we were lulled into thinking he was going to be young Han Solo? I have no idea. And neither does our famously terrible team of editors which probably should have double-checked this yet were so secure in their Elgort-as-Solo knowledge that they just rolled with it like like so many Sabé-as-Amidala suckers, like that one time I emphatically kept telling my confounded friend Matt that Annette Bening was absolutely not in “The Great Outdoors” and that I would not entertain his foolhardy assertions to the contrary.

I’d like to say that we (I) simply got it wrong because we (I) go to great lengths to tune out most of the noise around these “Star Wars” films, or because Elgort was in the running for the role along with Ehrenreich and we (I) merely got them mixed up. But we (I) have no idea if that’s true or we are (I am) just making it up as a means to try and save face.

If I was the current American President I’d probably just say everyone else was wrong and stick to my original take of Elgort as Solo in the hopes that my devout frustrated followers would accept my lies as facts, so much so that we would all be arguing Ehrenreich was Elgort even when the opening credits of the actual Han Solo origin movie said Ehrenreich and even when Ehrenreich literally appeared on screen and was clearly Ehrenreich, not Elgort, because, hey, that’s exactly what Lucasfilm would want you to think. But Cinema Romantico cannot abide. So, we took down the post and have put up this mea culpa in its place. We got it wrong, we got it spectacularly wrong, and we are idiots, though we have never not, and never will not, own our idiocy. Apologies all around.

And before anyone rightfully screams at us “Stick to Keira Knightley in hats, moron!”, well, we are already one step head of you…

Whoops! I mean…

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