' ' Cinema Romantico: A Mid-Autumn's Nap

Friday, October 13, 2017

A Mid-Autumn's Nap

Cinema Romantico is set to sally forth on a vacation of reverie, recharge and time spent mostly away from the overwhelming exhaust fumes of the Interwebs. This year, however, our vacation will be more days than usual, taking us off the mainland and out of the country, meaning our absence from blogging will be longer. And because it will be longer, we have decided to forgo our traditional in-absence posts and shutter Cinema Romantico for a siesta. And because it has been a rough year in America for a blogger of a certain disposition, and because everything improbably, unfailingly seems to get rougher every single day, meaning we are even wearier than usual, we are going to tack a few extra days on to that siesta, extending it through the end of October.

We will be back, faithful frustrated readers, on November 1st, refreshed and raring to go for the avalanche of year-end screeners and awards bait, plus God knows what else, but until then, pardon us while we get some sorely needed rest... 

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