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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Mojitos of Miami Vice (introduction)

The Oscar nominations were today. I probably heard them and I probably have thoughts. But Chicago is currently in a deep freeze and I am jetting off to Miami with My Beautiful, Perspicacious Wife.

I have never been to Miami. But one of my favorite movies is Michael Mann’s “Miami Vice.” I adored it in 2006 and my affection for it has only grown. It is an art film posing as action movie, as its other devotees can attest, though it is, to those of us who love it so, as meme-able as any longform sketch comedy fronting as a film. Indeed, few line readings in the new century are as pleasingly righteous as Colin Farrell as Detective Sonny Crockett explaining he is not merely a fan of mojitos but a fiend for them.

I have mentioned this before, but any time – and I do mean any time – mojitos are referenced in our everyday lives, I pitifully try to mimic this line reading to the weary chagrin of My Beautiful, Perspicacious Wife. Imagine how many times I’ll say it in Miami! (My Beautiful, Perspicacious Wife would rather not.) And that got me to thinking. Because though I plan on taking the rest of the week off, as I do these days when I go away, I do not plan to shutter Cinema Romantico. No, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the blog will briefly re-visit the three mojitos that mojito fiend Sonny Crockett imbibes in “Miami Vice.”

Join us, won’t you? I mean, would you rather read ANOTHER tome about what the Academy got wrong? Or would you rather go down the mojito rabbit hole? I thought so.

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