' ' Cinema Romantico: Posterized

Thursday, June 06, 2019


Posterizing is, to some, a great purveyor of the basketballing throwing down such a vicious dunk over such a hapless player that the hapless player is therefore made the butt of the slam dunking joke on a poster, such as this, Vince Carter dunking over France’s hapless Frederic Weis in the Sydney Summer Olympics.

Posterizing is, to some, taking an existing photo and then running it through photoshop to render a little more pictorial funkiness.

But to us, posterizing is when movie poster designers stop thinking in terms of content metrics, marketing demographics and advice from shareholders to just get in touch with their deeper, hidden, more artistic selves and unleash something like this, as electrifying as it is era-appropriate, Diana Prince as Wonder Woman as Sheena Easton. This is an album I would have bought in 1984 just because of the cover.

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