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Friday, January 17, 2020

a note

As Cinema Romantico’s most loyal frustrated followers might attest, aside from Keira Knightley memes and posts about Penelope Cruz’s hair, the blog’s most longtime recurring feature is Friday’s Old Fashioned, a review of an old(er) movie served with a figurative bourbon, bitters, sugar, and a maraschino cherry. And don’t get jumpy, classic film enthusiasts, because we are not cutting off the fifth day of the week beverage service. We still have old movies to watch! My in-laws graciously gifted me a subscription to The Criterion Channel over the holidays! My Beautiful, Perspicacious Wife just curated a double feature of mysteries on a train just last weekend! I want to watch old movies! They’re great! And watching old movies only helps put new movies into perspective.

But, the bartender is busy these days. I’m absolutely not closing the bar, mind you, so it can turn into, like, a Verizon Store or a Bank of America, and I’m certainly not selling the bar for the 4 cents it’s worth to some content mill. No, the bar is staying open, though there will be some Fridays when Old Fashioneds might not be on the menu or when there will not be anything on the menu at all. Like a dive bar taking no pains to entice clientele, perhaps even actively trying to drive them away (see: Keira Knightley memes, above), we have always eschewed traffic and trends, preferring to go at our own chosen speed. And so, in an online world where at present everyone’s brand is to overwhelm you with content, it only makes sense that for Cinema Romantico to remain on brand we would pivot to something like slightly less content. Cheers.

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