' ' Cinema Romantico: Adventures in Movie Trailers, Part 343

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Adventures in Movie Trailers, Part 343

A few things you should know. I’m starting to suspect Disney is Cinema’s #1 enemy. I, like Dr. Indiana Jones before me, hate snakes. I didn’t even really like amusement parks and amusement park rides all that much when I was a kid. “The African Queen” is not one of my preferred Bogeys. And yet.

Well, wait a second. Before the yet. Let me say.

This might, like, 89.9% have to do with Emily Blunt, who typically does right even if the movie she’s in goes wrong, and we might well look back on this moment as the one signaling the industry officially breaking my brain, and I don’t want you to judge me, and I really, really (I cannot stress this enough) want you to read the question mark I’m deliberately choosing to end this forthcoming ostensible declaration. And that declaration, so to speak, is this:

I want to see “Jungle Cruise”?

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