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Thursday, January 02, 2020

Top 10 Movies of 2019

Hi. These were my favorite films of 2019, ranked from 10 to 1. Typically I include burbs providing insight into my choices, but all my blurbing energy went to the end of the decade list and it’s the second day of 2020 and, as expected, I’m already exhausted. So you can just click on the title to find the review if you seek further enlightenment, or confusion. And because a few of these I saw late in the season, I have not yet had time to sketch my thoughts. In those cases, I have linked to a review from another critic that I think gets it right (reviews written, respectively, by Adam Nayman, Stephanie Zacharek and Carlos Aguilar). When my reviews are metaphorically penned, and when time permits, I’ll go back in and change the link, though by then 125 years in Internet Years will have passed and so what but why not.

Top 10 Movies of 2019


Derek Armstrong said...

Good list as usual Nick! For now I share two movies with you in my own top ten, including your #1, though there are also three films I have yet to see (and may not get to, those being Blinded by the Light, Colewell and Transit). My top 146 (or thereabouts) will be posted next Monday.

When I am not making dinner for my kids I am eager to read your Her Smell piece.

It took me two viewings to decide I really like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and I suspect my affection for it will grown further in the future. For now I have only salvaged it from the bottom of my list to the top 30, which is good, considering that I will end up having close to those aforementioned 150 titles.

Marriage Story will make my top 20, but I've decided the imbalance in perspectives between the two characters is enough for me not to love it more. But it is indeed a major comeback for Baumbach, though I know you don't think he needed it. (I haven't really loved a Baumbach film since Frances Ha.)

New Year's resolution: To read more Cinema Romantico in 2020. And in the short term, to read your best of the decade list, a thing that will also be coming from me next week.

Alex Withrow said...

Great list! I have a few of these left to see still, but I love that Her Smell is at number one. That movie really went for broke.