' ' Cinema Romantico: Holiday

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Because this was supposed to be the time in the 2020 calendar when My Beautiful, Perspicacious Wife and I jumped across the pond for some r&r, this was also supposed to be the time when the blog took one of its periodic vacations from posting. We did not jump across the pond, of course, because that would have required us to quarantine for 14 days before being released into an England that is mostly closed up anyway and, hey, to paraphrase the old cranky Midwesterner truism, why pay good money to quarantine when we are already quarantining for free at home?

Still. Everything’s fucked, as our being quarantined since, uh, christ, when was it, the start of The Spanish-American War, implies. The blog needs a freaking nap. And so even if that means you will have to wait even longer to read our thoughts on “The Last Dance”, The Content Mill churns relentlessly on and so, in Internet years, “The Last Dance” was yesterday’s news a few days ago. My un-published take is even now past its sell-by date. So we’ll see you, ah hell, I don’t know. Next week? Two weeks? Whenever, man. Until the next blog...

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